Custom web development

Custom web development

Looking for something truly bespoke? Work with us to deliver a platform built with only the latest, industry standard technologies including React, NextJS and Laravel.

Tailored for you.

Not only do we work with the bigger platforms like Wordpress and Shopify for general and eCommerce focused websites, we also work with a myriad of other web frameworks to build bespoke platforms for internal applications and SaaS companies.

We primarily work with NextJS, a popular React framework, hosted with Vercel giving the perfect balance between cost, security and scale.

Ready to unlock your site's potential?

Work with us to create something truely unique to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Thinking about building the next viral SaaS app? Need to build something just for your internal teams? Look no further. In all our builds, we offer integrations with various services from analytic tools to marketing and outreach services and much more.

At Iconika, we like to think that there is nothing we can't build, no matter the complexity or requirements, there is a solution out there for anything! Come and take us up on the challenge and let's work together today!

The process

Chat with us

Talk with our experts to discover your specific needs.

Get onboarded

Our systems onboard you into our seamless, asynchronous workflow.


Sit back and watch us deliver your unique platform catered to you.

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