5 essential Shopify apps to boost your online store's performance

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So we thought we would start our blog off strong by sharing some of our favourite Shopify apps for increasing store performance (for speed, conversions and SEO). These apps have all been used by our team on client stores both big and small with very good results, especially when combined

Without further ado, let's get into the list!

1- Avada SEO & Image Optimizer

Our old friend Avada Optimizer, we have used this app for years. This app is one of our favourites simply because it does so much in one place, and there is nothing more we like than an easy to use app, the less work the better!

Highlights include: Image optimisation, Image compression, Image resizing, Script compression, Lazy-loading and more to boost page load times, a common conversion killer. For SEO, Avada also offers services such as URL optimisation, keyword generation, AI driven content recommendations and loads more!

There is a free version of the app, which will optimise up to 50 product pages and offer basic compression features, but there premium tier priced at $34.95 p/m offers the full set of features perfect for larger stores.

2- Tiny SEO Image optimize, Speed

Another cool little App, we find ourselves coming back to this one for a lightweight alternative to Avada's tool. This app provides much of the same core features as Avada but with a smaller price tag attached, ideal for the smaller stores.

It's highlights include: Image optimisation and compression, Lazy-loading, Script optimisation, image alt text generation, chatGPT content generation and more. It too has a free tier with the usual caps like the 50 product optimisation limit from Avada, but unlike Avada, there premium tier is much more reasonable at $14 p/m albeit with less features.

3- Sales Pop up Conversion Pro

Switching gears slightly with this one, but our team has recently used this App for a client who really wanted to maximise there conversion rate on a single product store and we were really impressed with the app and the development team behind it.

We had some issues with the app and some conflicts with the store's theme, the support team were on hand straight away, making several adjustments to the app for us to better suit the clients needs in real time! Very impressive and the kind of service we strive to offer ourselves.

In terms of the app, it really depends on your product and customer base if this one will be worth it for you, but we have seen a definite conversion increase since installing. It's highlights include adding scarcity elements to a product page, countdown timers for sales and more to encourage the customer to purchase. It's paid tier is very reasonably prices too at just $4.99 p/m.

4- PageFly Landing Page Builder

A landing page builder? What has this got to do with boosting performance? Well, we think it actually is perfect for this category and here is why.

Pagefly have created a very powerful app allowing client's to easily add and create new pages for there store. What this app also does is optimise its elements for speed and SEO out the box as well as providing conversion optimised templates as a starting point for building your new pages all without thinking about it!

Of course, nothing beats proper custom theme development, maybe even from a certain *ahem* fabulous *ahem* agency. But for quick updates and page builds this app is certainly worth checking out. They also have a free tier!

5- Shop

We thought we would round out this list with one from the masters, Shopify. The Shop app is a fairly new addition from the guys, but it is great for boosting brand awareness.

What is it? Well simply, the Shop app is a marketplace which unifies stores on the Shopify platform and brings products and recommendations to users to buy through a single place. optimising products for Shop has definitely proven to be useful for our clients with an increase in traffic and sales. The beauty is, it is completely free to do!

The wrap up

We hope you found our picks useful, we really appreciate you taking the time to read. As our blogs are new, we are looking for suggestions and improvements on our delivery style and the types of content that you would like to see from us, so please drop us a line if you have any comments!