Using AI tools for business: Editor roundup

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As more and more tools continue to flood the market, it is easy to get lost in the AI madness. Which tools are the best for copy and image creation? Which can help for marketing? Let's explore a few of the winners that we love.


Hubspot - all in one marketing platform

A long standing pillar of the CRM community and one which continues to evolve and integrate new features to best serve there audience. Alongside there traditional offerings of marketing automation, customer relationship management, and sales you will find a smattering of AI tools across the platform to assist in functions such as automating tasks to create email campaigns, nurturing warm leads, generate outreach emails, general marketing copy, social media posts and even entire website landing pages.

Further, the platform also offers AI tools to integrate with several data sources which allow for the creation of personal customer interactions. Pricing wise, there are different charges for different offerings, plans can be hefty, starting at 800 USD for the marketing product plan.

Chatfuel: chatbot maker

The ultimate chatbot creator. Chatfuel allows for the very easy creation of tailored to business chatbots that can interact with customers at ease via the website and other social media messaging services such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Chatbots can collect user data and then use this to re-engage with the client at a later date in order to nurture the lead eventually converting them into a customer. A free plan is available to create up to 50 conversations, paid plans begin at $14.99 per month.


Shopify Magic

Integrated directly into Shopify, this one is a no-brainer. Shopify offers a suite of tools across the platform, Magic helps user write out, edit and optimise existing copy for products, blog posts, email campaigns and more. Several of these functions also support multiple languages for easy cross store translations.

Pictory: video content and editing

An easy to use AI video generator that also allow for AI smart video editing, perfect if you don't want the outlay of expensive editors and videographers. It's easy to get started, just upload a blog post, script or any other form of text and the service will create a high quality video to go along with it! Videos use a combination of stock videos, images, AI voice overs and background music.

Pictory is also useful for editing your own videos, automatically removing gaps and fillers words as well as allowing you to edit content by editing the transcript for the video, really quick and easy. Free trails are available for a couple of short videos, $19 per month thereafter.


Notion project management

An incredibly powerful project management tool with tonnes of AI to boot. The project tools for example, uses AI for streamlining workflows, checking off completed items and generating project progress reports. The assistant is also useful for summarising notes, highlighting the key goals and takeaways, making a list of actionable to-do's and more.

Notion has a completely free tier which is somewhat limited and does not allow the use of most of the AI tools, but plans start low at $8 per month.

Otter AI - transcription

A tool which our team use in all of our meetings, Otter is so handy. Gone are the days of worrying about missing important elements of client discovery calls, Otter not only records the audio but creates a real time transcript of the conversation which is actually pretty accurate, albeit a few mistakes here and there. Otter uses AI to automatically summarise a transcript highlighting goals and key take aways.

Otter offers a decent free plan allowing for 300 minutes of meeting time per month at 30 minutes per meeting. Paid tiers start at $10 per month.


I hope you found this helpful. It's so annoying when you hear about another new AI and how cool it is, but then they don't actually give you any ideas as to what you can actually realistically do with them! We know the tools we mentioned work and work well because our team use all of them.

Want to know more about any of the tools mentioned? Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page and let's get the conversation going.

Bye for now. :)